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What type of designs we can create in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a standard form of vector-based graphics in industry of designing. It create lots of design and it is a Professionally application for illustrations and vector designs. It provide world wide designing latest creations to the designers.

Adobe Illustrator application having widely latest features and tools for designing. And it is commonly used for logos, Illustrations, graphics, typography and other advertising for marketing. It provide innovative color options for your design and color effects also. Having advanced tools for manipulate the shapes, curves, and line. You can also designed with layers to modifying them separately and arrange them into order.

In order to master it, you must join the best Adobe Illustrator Course from a professional training institution.

1.Vector Graphics - Adobe illustrator is commonly used for making vector graphics design because they are highly resolution that can easily used in any size and scaling without harming the detailing or quality of that design it remain same with fine edges, line and curves and easily change the colur. You can easily make complex graphics with shapes, lines, with detailing and put them into one complex design. Vector graphics is more ideal form for advertising and marketing for making their ads, billboards, icons and etc.

Learn more about the vector graphics and designing with graphic designing courses in Delhi.

2. Making Logos- Adobe illustrator is very creative application for making creative logos by many featured tools and shapes for the designers, it convert your imagination into logo designing, because logo is a main part for an industry, brand and marketing, it describe your content to the world or to communicate with that logo. With advanced tools you can easily layouting your logo into variety and can modify that into many styles.

3. Business cards- Illustrator is a vector application and it is best for the printing for highly detailing graphics. Business card is main part for the company and adobe illustrator is creative application for making different types of business cards with shapes, graphic, lines and any form of design.

4. Posters- The mainly design is used for any event, promotion, marketing and to communicate to the public is poster that can be designed in adobe illustrator by many features with images or vector graphics, shapes to design a poster and get printed into high quality.

Learn how to make a complete stationery campaign which includes not only posters but also the other items like visiting card, letterhead, brochure, etc, with the help of graphic design course in Delhi at GDI.

5. Infographics- It is a basic Information provider that mostly used by social media to convey the message, information because visual design convey more faster than written content to share information, and in illustrator can design simple and basic infographic in short time with many tools and shapes.

6. Brochures- It is very advanced to promote your brand or advertising with brochures, and in illustrator you can easily design types of brochures like- bifold, Trifold, or any different types you want to make with illustrator with having creativity features and colors. Illustrator provide Artboards that can make your workflow easy to design brochures into single file with multiply pages and design.

As you can see that all these points and or many others that as you are a designer you have to must know this application of designing that is illustrator in which you can design any graphic with advanced features of illustrator and makes your creativity with that tools to make new design. It is very helpful application in designing world to make more creativity. To give a boost to your training, it is better to join a professional graphic design institute in Delhi where you can learn everything about illustrator from experts.

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